Make your own Loaded Nachos (Gluten Free)

by Tatianna Yougottalove

Who love’s Nachos?
We love Nachos, our primary care is to buy gluten free nachos/chips, and vegan cheese.
And it’s so easy to find it nowadays.

I never had nachos with meat, so I thought to try it with ground soy.
It was really nice but definitely not a must, I love lots of vegetables and cheese.

It’s the same as what we did with sushi, kids make their own vegan sushi.
In this Nachos recipe we did the same thing, diced any vegetables that we desired.

Diced Black olives
Dice Tomatoes
Diced Onions

Black beans
Daiya cheese

Diced Green olives
Ground soy
Any sauce you have

Corn tortillas

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