No Bake Chocolate 🍫 Biscuit Cake 🍰 – GF

by Tatianna Yougottalove

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This is another video version of this cake, and I promise you are gonna like it.
Notes: I made this cake for my sister in law so I did the wringing for her, this cake recipe amazing for birthdays.
I double the whipped filling in this one and I took 1\4 cup from toasted walnuts to decorate the cake.

This no bake biscuit chocolate cake is simple and easy to make.
It’s creamy and crunchy, and very rich in flavour.
I love that I could veganize it and have the option to make it gluten free.
You can find gluten free cookies in almost any supermarket, if not then in health food stores.
But if you don’t mind gluten then it’s even easier to find vegan cookies.

When I took a bite of this cake it was so heavenly, and every guest that had it was saying how this cake was their favourite and most delicious.

The ingredients you’ll need:
GF vanilla cookies
Vegan milk
Vegan butter
Cane sugar
Vanilla extract
Cocoa powder
Coconut milk/cream
Vegan chocolate chips or vegan chocolate for baking
Walnuts, or any nuts you have at hand, when it comes to baking I like to work with walnuts and pecans.

3 boxes of vanilla gluten free and vegan cookies (220g each), if you’ll find that the box or a bag of cookies contain less or more, don’t worry just play around with it.
Sometimes I add more, sometimes less, so don’t worry about small variations in the quantity.

The first step is to make the chocolate syrup:
Lay all the ingredients onto a pan and heat it up and stir until it’s all combined well.
1 cup of cane sugar
1\2 cup cocoa powder
2\3 vegan butter
1 cup of water

When ready, move the chocolate syrup into a bowl and add
1 tsp of vanilla extract and mix again to make sure there are no lumps.

Next, break the cookies and…
Toast 2 cups of walnuts broken into pieces.
On medium heat, heat up on a pan until crunchy then add into the cake.
You can add more then 2 cups if you want to keep the rest, if you want to decorate the cake on top.

Add 2 cups of toasted walnuts into a cookie bowl.

The second step is to pour the chocolate syrup into the cookie and walnuts bowl, and mix very well.
Then find a baking pan of your choice, it doesn’t have to be a round one.
I used the Springform round pan, the one with the opening on the side and I had a parchment paper cut into a circle to place it down on the surface of the pan.
Even it out and press it until it forms it’s shape.
So when it’s ready to serve, I’ll just open the circle wall and pull it up without taking the bottom, so when I’m cutting the cake on a parchment paper I don’t need to worry about scratches on the bottom of the round baking pan.
So there is no need to remove it onto a different dish.

You can cover it and place it in the refrigerator while making chocolate whipped filling.

The third and last step is to cover the cake with chocolate whipped filling.
Heat it up in a pan
1\4 cup top of coconut milk/cream
1\4 cup vegan milk
1\4 cup vegan chocolate chips (if using coconut milk add more chocolate)
Stir until all blend well, and then pour it on top of the cake and even out.

You can double the chocolate whipped filling if you want a thicker layer of it to make it even more creamy.

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