Russian Shuba Salad πŸ₯— Cake 🍰

by Tatianna Yougottalove

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This is a rich salad called Shuba.
It’s a multi-layered boiled vegetable salad that is covered with mayonnaise in each layer topped with a raw onion crust for an added pungent kick.
The traditional salad calls for eggs and fish.
When I ate it at my Russian friend’s house at a new years eve dinner sometime ago, I tasted fish.
Even though I was vegetarian at that time I wasn’t eating fish, all creatures are a sentient beings.
When I felt the fish in my mouth, I was so disgusted I had to spit it out onto a napkin, Lol.
I just couldn’t continue eating it, in my opinion it just ruined one of the most AMAZING salads.

So I created my own version, and I veganized it.

This cake is my most famous, especially when I’m having guests, this recipe is a winner.
I just love this salad, and in my house it disappears quickly especially when I’m having guests.
They just love it and its the first thing they remember from their visit.

Usually before I start with the layers, I chop onion and sprinkle on top of the serving dish, but my boys don’t like it because its spicy for them, so I don’t always add onions.
I also add pickles in each layer, a good mix of salt with the sweet flavour of the salad.

Main ingredients are:

Peel and boil
5-6 beets
5-6 carrots
4 potatoes
*You can boil it with the skin, for me it takes more time to peel after boiling.
And if you do boil it without the skin then you can keep the water to prepare a soup with.

Now it’s the process of grating everything and layering the ingredients.
First layer is grated potatoes, but as I mention before you can add chopped onions before you start (Richard loves it with onions).
I like to press it with my hand to even it out and also because it’s easy to spread mayo on top of it when its flat.
The next step is to spread vegan mayo, then sprinkle Himalayan salt, and the last part is to spread on top chopped or diced pickles (2-3).

Do the same with carrots.
Grate, then flatten and add mayo, salt and pickles.

Do the same with beets.
Grate, flatten add mayo, salt and pickles.

Beautiful and so rich in flavour πŸ˜‹

You can also decorate it with cilantro, I just love it with cilantro.
But because it was my son’s birthday I made it the way I knew he would like it.
No onions and no cilantro, LOL.

The last picture is from some time ago and as you can see there is cilantro on top, and its got even more layers.
So you have the option to make it with even 6 layers, and it doesn’t have to be done in the shape of a circle, sometimes I do it in a square dish, it looks very beautiful to serve especially for guests.

Short length:

For more recipes from this birthday party πŸ‘‡

Another versions of this salad, these ones are the old one that I like, and thought to post it here too.

Full Version:

Short Version:

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