love for all beings- vegan raw recipes


by Tatianna Yougottalove


I want to thank everyone who is here with me on this journey.

Some of you are here to be inspired by the recipes and are not vegan. Some of you are here to be inspired to go vegan. Some of you are here because you are vegan and some of you are here just to support me.

Β I’m very thankful for all of you being here.

I’ve had many moments where I was ready to give up and close my social media pages, (I did close and reopen my Instagram in my weak moments).

Years ago, I had my old Facebook. I opened it because I just moved to Canada and I wanted to stay in touch with my family. I didn’t have anyone here from my family besides Richard and his family.

Β I realized Facebook was not for me. I didn’t like to post anything. I didn’t like to chat. I just don’t like social media.

When I started to speak with other mothers about veganism they all asked me the same question “what do you feed your kids?”Β Β “Where do they get theiΒ­Β­r protein?” So, I started a group on WhatsApp with mothers in my area and it really went well. I then thought to myself, if there are so many mothers who are interested in what vegans feed their kids there are probably many more in the world that are interested too and can be inspired to go vegan and understand the benefits of this amazing plant base diet.

So, I did it. I opened the Facebook page even though I really didn’t want to, and as you can see it’s still growing. I know I have inspired some people to go vegan and I’m very proud of them because it has always been all about INSPIRING others.

I still have those days that I get so tired that I want to give up but then I think about you guys: “what if there is that person that will look at my posts and the recipes, and in that moment understand the meaning of veganism and see that it’s so easy to go vegan”

“What if?”

So you see, YOU are the reason I’m still doing it. YOU are the reason that now I’m working on my blog. YOU are the reason that I’m in the kitchen for hours when my kids are in need of my help with their homework (unschooled) so, I’m running back and forth. YOU are the reason that I’m taking pictures for every process and my boys will tell me “again mommy you are taking pictures? We are hungry”, LoL.

And last, the beautiful and innocent animals that we share this planet with, are always in my mind and heart.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me, and I really hope I can help and inspire ALL OF YOU to go VEGAN, and yes I’m that’s overly optimistic and I am a believer of one love and one world.Β 

 Thank you for joining me and please love all creatures and beings and ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ GO VEGAN❀️❀️❀❀❀️

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