Jeweled Valentine Rice 🍚

by Tatianna Yougottalove

Jeweled rice dish is a mix of rice with dry fruits.
When I lived with my mom, every time she made it I got a little upset because I didn’t like sweet with savoury food. After I got married, I missed it so I learned how to make it and added a few ingredients that I don’t remember her adding. Like potatoes and walnuts, some people add other types of dry fruits and/or pistachios and so on.

The ingredients you’ll need:
Dried cranberries
Dried plums
Golden dry raisins
Sultana raisins
Dry cherries
Potatoes (optional)
Salt and Pepper

2-3 cups rice, soaked (around 1 to 2 hours)

While it’s soaking prepare the next ingredients and fry:

1\4 cup dried cranberries
8 pieces dried plums
1\4 golden dry raisins
1\4 cup Sultana raisins
1\4 cup dry cherries
2 onions, diced
Fry on low to medium heat until slightly browned.

Bring the water to a boil. When ready, sprinkle salt and add washed and strained rice.
Cook for around 20 minutes, then strain and place in a bowl with fried fruits and add
1 to 2 tsp salt, a few tbsp of oil (optional)
Pinch of pepper and mix

Peel and slice potatoes and cover the bottom of the pot and fry until browned, flip and add diced potatoes as many as you want, then add mixed rice with fried fruits and top it with more diced potatoes as many as you want.

Cover with lid and cook for about 30 to 40 minutes on a low heat.

I added a little bit of water on top because I didn’t let the rice cook for enough time, only for 10 minutes.
When my mother in law cooks it she doesn’t add water on top, sometimes she covers it with a kitchen towel and then with the lid.

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